From Sunday League Soccer To Pro Glory

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Thank goodness; most of the confusion has been cleared up by now. The popularity of the game has grown so tremendously in the last twenty years or so that pretty much everyone knows that football could just as well be referring to everyone’s favorite Sunday soccer league gathering. And on Monday night, while they’re all recovering and resting their bruises and knocks, they’re glued to their sets, whether in their living rooms or in the bars, for that other national pastime, the NFL football game.

MSL has some way to go because that is how strong the football legacy is in this country. So because its football in this country, you may as well keep on carrying on referring to your Sunday league game as your soccer turnout. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, plenty of other countries around the world that are calling it that. Of course not, the Poms aren’t. How could they? They’re poms after all. And isn’t it true that at the time of writing, one of that country’s greatest players is playing his football in the MSL.

Great to see so many kids getting more and more interested in what the Brazilians christened as the beautiful game. If you’re looking after a bunch of kids in Pottstown and they’re itching to learn how and when to play, you could organize them a soccer training pottstown pa camp. Apart from the training and the games being good exercise for their growing bodies, and apart from them being able to pump fresh air into their lungs, this is a great way to keep them out of trouble.

Because once they get going, they just can’t stop. Watching and playing the game is addictive, but at least it’s a healthy addiction. 

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