Enjoying A Day On The Green

Playing golf is a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, get some exercise and in some cases drive yourself nuts.  With courses all over the world, some made famous from players like Tiger Woods, Gary Player and Arnold Palmer some of the best are the Palm Springs golf courses.

What are Golf Courses?

A golf course is a vast open field broken up into a series of playable areas known as holes.  Each course will have either nine or eighteen holes.  The object of the game is to take a small white ball and hit it with a metal club.  The ball needs to be knocked from the tee or start position and land inside the holes in as few strokes or hitting of the ball as possible.  The one with the least amount of strokes wins.

Palm Springs golf courses


When playing on any golf course, the player will be presented with a vast assortment of hazards.  These are placed in random locations throughout the course.  Their purpose is to prevent the player from getting the ball to the hole.

Sand Trap

The sand trap is one of the most common and annoying hazards found on the course.  These pits of sand are designed to grab onto the ball and prevent the player from moving forward.  A common saying for those that get stuck in the sand is “playing on the beach”.

Water Hazards

A water hazard is a small lake or pond.  This is definitely a place you don’t want to go.  When you hit your ball into the water hazards you might as well say goodbye, unless you feel like going for a swim.

For those that want to master the game of golf, playing on courses is a great way to get away, have some fun and gain bragging rights.