Golf Is Not As Inaccessible As You Would Have Thought

About as far as so many aspirant golfers come to the links is their living room couch. This is due to the unfortunate misconception that the fine sport of golf remains inaccessible to most average-income households, let alone the poorest of the poor. Plenty of golf clubs in Pensacola, by the way, along with all the other important accessories that help set you on your marks at the first tee-off. And they are within reach of you.

If it just going to be a tryout and if you really insist, you would not even need to buy your clubs, balls, shoes, cap and clothes. Well, it might be a practical thing to have your own clothing kit, and that does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. Plenty of discount retailers out there too. Other than that, the shoes and the clubs you could always just rent for the day. It is like renting shoes on your ten-pin bowling alley.

golf clubs in Pensacola

And if everyone can go ten-pin bowling on any day of the week then they can go and play golf too, just like the rich and famous seemingly do. How do you think Tiger Woods got it right? Do you honestly believe he was one of those kids born with a silver spoon in his mouth? Far from it. And look at him today. One of the world’s greatest golfers. Ever. Don’t see this anecdote as a turnoff. See it rather as a motivation to get into the swing of things.

There’s this old saying. If you want your young kid to grow up and become a multimillionaire someday, all you have to do is put a golf club in his little paws.